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Please review this page very carefully before you apply. This page contains information for girls, ages 13 to 17, interested in being hired as a new model for my online publication TrueTeenBabes.

TrueTeenBabes is America's premier teen glamour photography website and one of the most unique online publications in the category. What sets TrueTeenBabes apart from other online publications is that I only feature models in the 13-17 age range. Strobe, Maxim, FHM, SI and most other online glamour photography sites concentrate on models a bit older, usually 20-25. Staying with the younger models sets my publication apart from the competition.

TrueTeenBabes was first published in July of 2001 and has featured over 190 teen models from all over the USA in thousands of interesting glamour style photos. Its daring, provocative and fun -- all at the same time.

My production crew includes professional make-up and hair stylists to prepare the models and other assistants to work with model outfits, the props and lighting gear. I've been in the pretty girl picture business over 25 years. I produce new pictures in my Denver, Colorado studios as well as "On Location" in exciting spots like Hawaii and the United States Virgin Islands.

I hire models from all across the USA and pay all the travel expenses for models that do not live near my studio.

This is professional glamour girl style photography, not modeling school or practice. The new models I hire are paid $100.00 per hour. I'm looking for above average teen females with great personalities, sharp facial features, bright eyes and cute smiles. They must have the confidence and physical appearance to pose in modern swimwear and lingerie styles like the photos on this page and at TrueTeenBabes.

This type of modeling does not require that the girl be tall or have modeling experience. These jobs are for slim, tan, confident young ladies that look great in a bikini and want to work as a "Teen Glamour Girl" style model.

I never hire girls with tattoos for the TrueTeenBabes publication.

New models must have full parental permission. If I'm are interested in working with you I'll send the "Parent's Packet" full of information for your mother to review.

If you have any questions before applying please feel free to email or call toll-free at 303-474-4449.

The steps to apply are:

  1. Review this site and the pictures carefully to make sure you know what you are applying for. You may also wish to visit TrueTeenBabes to get a look at the publication your photos would appear on if hired.

  2. Carefully complete the application form below with your correct name and address. Be sure to type slowly and check the information before clicking the "Submit Application" button.

  3. Submit pictures for me to review. You are applying for a bikini / lingerie modeling job and I need to know what you look like in that type of outfit. Send bikini or lingerie photos. The pictures you send do not need to be professional. Cell phone photos are fine. I can't select new models without reviewing what they look like in recent photos. You can use the form below or send them by email. If you need help email or call us at 303-474-4449.

  4. If I'm interested, after reviewing your photos, I'll send a parent's information packet for your mother to review. If she approves of you modeling for TrueTeenBabes she needs to complete the forms in that packet and return them to our office.

  5. I do not send packets until after I have received recent photos.

TrueTeenBabes New Model Application

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