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I'm scouting for new teenage models in the 13-16 age range to participate in fun, but daring, glamour style photo shoots such as the examples on this page and the samples page.

I pay all new models that work with myself and the awesome staff here (make-up girl, hair stylist, outfit girl) on these fun projects. I also pay all travel costs for models & parents I fly in from across the USA. Parental permission required.

Please read this entire page carefully. There is also good information on the FAQ page.

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I've been in the picture business over 25 years and can coach new girls as long as they have a good attitude and are fun to work with.

I only work with females that have nice facial features and smiles, along with a slim and trim shape that looks awesome in a tiny bikini or lingerie. Most of my projects and outfits call for the models to have a very fresh and tone appearance. You do not need to be super tall. I'm not able to hire models that have tattoos.

From 2001-2013 I ran a popular website featuring 200 teen models from across the USA. It was much like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue except I didn't use famous models or produce a paper magazine edition. To get attention and make me website popular I hired models in the high school age range (13-16) and did photo shoots in Colorado, Florida, Hawaii and the United States Virgin Islands as you'll see on the samples page or the behind the scenes video page.

Some models became so popular that I created their own fan club style website where they would share in the profits.

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It was a very busy and fun time but after 12 years I retired, kick back, relax and travel a bit.

I'm now back and preparing for exciting new glamour style photo shoots like those on the behind the scenes video page.

I'm currently looking for a couple of new teenage girls to shoot in my glamour style photos and videos. Once we've produced some awesome materials my helpers and I will use advertising and social media to show samples and spread the word about the exciting new models to make them popular (under a stagename).< /p>

After interest in the new models starts to grow we create fan club websites featuring each new model in her best photos and videos. I charge fans a monthly subscription fee like a magazine and we split the profit with the model each. Yes, it seems wild to be paid for being confident, daring and attractive, but that's what modeling is all about. Taking advantage of your looks and style!

On Instagram you get "likes" for being in a cute photos but the teen model websites I ran 2009-2013 before my short retirement paid each girl at least $2000 a month, and the more popular models such as Jaclynn Marie made even more.

Jaclynn Marie went off to college and her website is now closed to new subscribers but you can see what it looked like here.


If you're a confident teenage girl that looks good in a bikini and want to do this style of work, and get paid for it, the first step is to carefully review this the photos on the sample photos page and the behind the scenes videos on the video page.

If my style of photo and video work matches what you are interested in the second step is to check with your mother or guardian to confirm she approves of you applying to be one of my new models. I suggest showing her this page, along with the sample photos page and the video page, so she can see what I do and my fun staff. Many common questions are answered on the FAQ page.

The third step is for you and your mother to complete the form below and upload photos. The photos should have been taken within the past 2 months and clearly show your face, hair and shape. If your information and photos fit what I'm looking for I'll contact you by email to discuss the project further.

If you or your mother have any questions before applying please call 303-474-4449 or email Jimmy@JimmyStephans.com



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